Repeater Services   

Repeaters provide wide-area coverage from your radios allowing users to communicate far beyond line-of-sight.

Paso Robles Radio Ranch offers both Conventional and Trunking digital repeater services.  

Our Conventional repeater service serves the greater Paso Robles area.  

Our Trunking service allows users to enjoy multiple repeater channels, thus different departments can have their own channel.  

Our repeater service is an attractive option as we design, build, and maintain the network.  Businesses operate under our FCC license.  We can also design custom applications for your business.

Using our service, businesses avoid the need to keep up on FCC rule changes, license renewals, and the costs of equipment, installation, site leasing, and maintenance.  

Contact us for more information about these services.  We can help you decide what will best serve your radio needs.

To provide these services, we chose the Icom Digital Advanced System (IDAS). 

This Icom promotional video has information about IDAS and its features, a comparison of digital and analog radio coverage, and description of repeater operation.