Repeater Services   

Radio Ranch offers repeater services using equipment at our hilltop radio site, located on the west side of Paso Robles.

Repeaters provide wide area coverage for your radios by receiving signals and rebroadcasting them over a wide area.  This allows handheld radios to communicate over many miles with good clarity, making your radios a much more effective communication tool.

Repeaters are used by businesses and public agencies to provide solid radio communication in their primary area of operation. 

Our repeaters serve agriculture, ag delivery, construction, education, EMS, farms, hospitality, ranch operations, ranch supply, retail, security, transportation, vineyard management, wine processing, and waste & recycling.  Any user that requires clear communication over a large area can benefit from repeater service.

Our repeaters provide your radios with coverage over much of North SLO CountyPaso Robles, San Miguel, Templeton, Atascadero, Santa Margarita, and east to Shandon and Creston. 

Repeater Equipment

Repeater Service provides:
  • Instant communication with your work group, over a large geographic area
  • Private repeater channels.  Channels are digitally encoded so you only hear your fleet of radios 
  • Multiple repeater channels available for your business
  • “One-to-Many” communication is instantaneous and clear, passing messages efficiently and quickly
  • “One-to-One” communication provides a private channel for management, or a direct call to an individual
  • New digital repeater service allows users to enjoy greater communication range, improved audio clarity
  • Legacy analog repeater service provides service for those who require it with their existing analog radios  

Business case for Repeater Service:
  • Wide area coverage with unlimited talk for a low monthly fee.
  • Businesses avoid the costs of repeater equipment, installation, site leasing, and maintenance. 
  • Service is highly reliable.  Battery back-up and emergency generator back-up
  • Our business repeater system does not rely on the Internet or cell phone technology
  • Businesses operate under our FCC license, so there are no licensing fees  
  • Portable, Mobile, and Base Station high performance digital radios at competitive prices
  • Business radios encourage a reduction in time wasting “chit-chat” that is typical when cell phones are used  
  • We handle all of the details- your users simply “Push-to-Talk”.  Simple and intuitive to use.
  • Radios are in-stock and are ready to provide outstanding radio communication for your business!

For a low monthly fee, our service allows your radios to reliably communicate over much of North SLO County.  Quantity discounts apply.

We can provide you with a free radio demonstration to show what our radios can do for your business.  Contact us for more information about these services.  

Please call or email us today: John Thornton (805) 239-3400

Map approximates coverage outdoors, and does not guarantee service availability. Obstructions and other conditions may affect repeater service quality.