Welcome to Radio Ranch.   

We are your local provider of reliable two-way radio systems.

We offer:

  • Business Radio (Land Mobile) Solutions – that provide solid communication
  • Handheld, Mobile, and Base Station Radios – at competitive prices
  • Greater range using Repeater Services – from our hilltop repeaters
  • Design of new communication systems
  • Digital (IDAS, NXDN, and P25), and Analog Technologies
  • Upgrades to existing radio systems
  • User Training
  • FCC Licensing for Business, Industrial, and Public Safety
  • Consultation to determine your requirements and provide a system proposal – at no cost to you
  • Locally Owned, Responsive Service and Support

We are an Icom Authorized Dealer.  Call us today to discuss your radio needs.  

We offer both digital and legacy analog radios for your business.  We recommend newer digital radios for new systems, but can provide analog radios for those applications where they are required.

Why use Digital Two-Way Radios?

We feature the Icom Digital Advanced System (IDAS) radio solutions for:

  • Improved Sound Quality – Designed for Business
  • Better Coverage in the fringe of the communication range
  • Private Channels – only hear your users
  • Individual and Group Calling – one-to-one or one-to-many communication
  • Simple to Use – Push-to-Talk radio is quick and convenient.  Always reach workers
  • Call Alert – individually signal a user
  • Digital will not become obsolete when the FCC “sunsets” analog (as they did with TV and cell phones)


Why Upgrade your Existing Two-Way Radios?

You may already use radios in your business.   Questions to ask when considering an upgrade include:

  • Do you need a wider coverage area than your current radios provide?
  • Is there a need to improve transmission and reception quality?
  • Would you benefit from more secure communication?
  • Is there a need to improve the quality of two-way radio equipment in use, and migrate off non-business band channels?

Please call or email us today:

John Thornton (805) 239-3400 john@pasoroblesradioranch.com